Sunday, June 10, 2007

Con "Fusion"

We must be aware of the recent G8 summits, the nuke deals, world environment days . Instead of planning and discussing on what we shdnt be doing to pollute , we can think constructively. Why don't we think of alternate sources of energy instead of the age old petrol , diesel oil sources. There are a lot of benefits if we could find such sources .
Have you ever thought how Sun gives us so much of energy ? The process of energy production in Sun is Nuclear Fusion . This is the sister of the very well known nuclear fission which is used in Atom bombs and nuclear reactors . As the name suggests, Fusion is just combining a few lightweight isotopes into a heavier atom . Scientists have identified that Deuterium , Tritium ( H2 and H3 isotopes of Hydrogen) combine to form Helium and a neutron. In this process of combining a lot of energy .

"So trivial isnt it ". Why are scientists not doing this then ? The catch here is this whole process of this combination can be achieved only at very high temperatures at the order of 100 million degrees . Sustenance of these high temperatures is just not easy . There are special designed devices/machines for these called Tokamaks. Recent developments have been able to sustain this state of plasma only for a few 1000 seconds . But for fusion to become viable and a source of energy we need to sustain these temperatures for long periods of time. Hope scientists come out with a path breaking discovery as soon as possible.
Now FYI , 30 mg of deuterium produces about energy equivalent to 300 liters of Oil. Come on guys we need to achieve this process of fusion as soon as possible.
Having said all these, I was just thinking on a lighter note , construction on any day is a tougher task than destruction as is fission which is much more easily achievable than Fusion . What say ?

- Fishing the fusion .

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Vishy as he is called,is one of my favourite sports icon . I like the icon obviously for his performance. Other reason ofcourse for his style of play. He is one of the fastest players in chess. Recently I saw his interview in NDTV. I was amazed when he said he could listen to harmony when he played the chess and when the pieces when the pieces were in place. Amazing how gr8 player are passionate . I also saw him talk on chess just by alphabets like E4, E5.....Probably this come by practice.
Officially hez the world champion. Kudos Vishy. Another important thing abt him he is one of 3 players who has crossed an ELO rating of 2800 which is more than amaznig.

Recently he seems to have started an academy in association with NIIT . All the best in your new venture. Hope you acheiver greater heights and bring laurels to India.
Wish y's fan.