Sunday, July 27, 2008

Theory of relativity

After a gap of abt 3 years I picked up a book on Relativity . Yeah it was a real technical book and Thank god I didn't really struggle hard to understand .It took me some time to get on to the groove and then what I was driving the book pretty fast . Its altogether another matter that I had to refer back to google time and again to get my physics back in place .

Why is the theory of relativity so much acclaimed in physics world ? mmmmm.. The main reason is it redefined Newton's laws which were considered to be the bible of classical mechanics .What was it ? Heard of the great twin paradox .. Think on those lines .. Though Sir Einstein is treated as the guy for relativity , I would certainly contribute some of the relativistic principle's to Poincare and Lorentz.
Even though theory of relativity is a path breaking discovery , Einstein didn't get a Nobel for this discovery but got the Nobel for his work on Photo electricity .. Did you know why? Post your comments if you know the exact reason . ( I guess I know ) .

Hindu philosophy treatises relativistic principles in its own way . Did you know that one human year is treated a day for "Deva" .One Year of Deva is treated as One day for Brhma on all those ..Dont you see the time dilation or space time curvature in the umpteen stories that we have heard off during our child hood days ..

Talking abt relativity , I always felt Physics and Philosophy of life go hand in hand . Both of them try to think on the most obvious things around. Most famous people in this world are either physicts or philosophers . The reason is simple . Common people don't understand either of them :)....And I know that most people who read my blog wouldn't have understood me either ..
So Am I a physict or a philosopher or both ?

Relatively yours ,