Friday, November 18, 2005

Eternal Peace

The day after I wrote my previous blog a disastrous event struck my life . I lost my father . He was suffering from PSP ( Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) a nervous disorder which can never be cured atleast for now !!!. Though I was preparing myself for the inevitable, I wasnt yet fully ready to take it on my stride. More than me I felt sad for my mother. The day March 2 , 2005 arrived and it happened. It took me some time to shake me out fo the grief.
Slowly but steadily I started to think about death. Most of us shy away from even talking about death thinking thats an evil. But how many of us thought about the beauty of death.
Death - I would term it as an eternal peace or atleast a journey towards peace .All of us should learn to enjoy death as we enjoy birth. Birth and death are a part of the cycle. How we learn to come out of this cycle is the core philosophy of Hinduism.
If one think with a broader mind one shall start realising that death is not as bad as it is. The way we die is. We all should live this life like this was our last day in this land as we never know when we go away. We should do the best to keep ourselves and our the humanity happy in the way we could.
We should welcome death as we welcome birth. After all death is final place of rest .


"Punarapi maranam punarapi jananam" - Sankaracharya