Saturday, March 14, 2009

Maiden English

Rani has been our servant maid for over a year now . She talks very little and finishes her work very sincerely . The problem is language. I and my amma cannot speak kannada and Rani cant speak Tamil. Mode of communication is then Tannada . English was a taboo. She couldnt understand a word in English .
She doesnt bunk and her work is decent. But I have only one complain. She comes very late for work . She comes at 11:00 Am. Well I have asked her to report at about 7:00 am , so that she can clean the house even when I am there. Every time I have asked her to come early , she said she was working in homes where the couples were working for a fraud hit software company . Both the couples had to leave before 9:00 and it was next to impossible for Rani to come to my house at 7:00 . Point agreed . But on Sundays , she used to be at 7:00 . What ? Why do you take me for granted and disturb me at 7:00 on sundays. Am I not a office goer? Come on..
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We have got used to her timings and she has got used to ours. I have stopped complaining about her weird timings to my house . Time has passed . Suddenly one fine day she starts coming at 7:00 am in the morning . We thought initially that this was a temporary arrangement and she would get back to her normal timings. After a week , amma slowly asked Rani why she was coming early these days. For which she silently replied , she was affected by "RECESSION" and carried on her with work.

-Awed by effects of recession

Sunday, March 01, 2009

why not stp ?

I am not an avid tracker of all these indices like sensex or Nifty . I have some of my friends who burnt their fingers not knowing what they were doing in the markets. Some of them were told by their mutual fund agents during the 2007-08 that indian exhanges can give you returns of 200 p.a ..What ?
Come on, lets be honest . For any stock to deliver 200 % yoy , the production needs to jump 200% . Agreed indian markets are huge and they have a lot of value .But expecting a ROI of 200% every year is just next to impossible . Investing in Indian equity would give you returns of abt 20-30% over a longer tenure , which is really good .

Taking their advices and tips , my friends investments have eroded big time .I for one never believed in stuff which generates short time happiness . I prefer long term . After some analysis, I did come to know that most Mutual fund AMCs have a product called STP .
Yeah Systematic Transfer plan . Whats so great abt it ? This is very much similar to SIP ( Systematic investment plan ) . But with a minor difference .
Here , you move the money periodically frm debt funds ( check my old article on this ) to equity funds instead of having bulk deposits . This way you if you are in the top tax bracket you save on tax on Savings account as well as you get the fruits of investment in equity . The only catch here is you might not have AMCs which are strong both in debt and equity . And you can have a STP only within a AMC ad not across AMCs.
All AMCs should have these products. You might want to try this product and let me know your feedback .

-the financial expert .

Bus bookings

This might be old news .There are some sites that allow booking of buses online.
You might want to try this site .
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KSRTC has this feature . But TNSTC doesnt .. Come on TamilNadu transport ,lon way to go ..Come out of stone age .