Monday, March 25, 2013

Dish ...

Certainly this post is not on food . what else could this be ? My coz calls me to check which sat TV should he subscribe ? mmm....
   Ta da.. Whats the first thing we do if we want to review ... Google govindan as I chellam call it . Does a research several reviews  ..then choses a brand advertised by one of the Khans..
  Rewind !! Sunday mornings 25 years back ( gosh I am too old ) , if I had to watch He-Man Cartoon , I had to finish all my homework on Saturday . Not that I finished them , but I atleast had to act as if I had done .But today , there are 15 cartoon channels ..Gosh niece is glued to all the cartoons 24x7. God pl help .
  When I used to pass Sadras Bus Stand , there used to be an inverted umbrella antenna , which used to retransmit the received data . Today each one of our apt have the setup .
  Now with Set top boxes mandatory in most of the major cities / towns , these channels are basking in the glory .

Talking about dishes ( read dish antennas ) , who can forget the tripartite communication strategies in olden days for antenna tuning . TV antennas used to receive signals and we would receive the only channel ( Doordarshan ) . Wind blows and the antenna turns like a wind vane in the direction of the wind ... All the kids where in the terraces trying to change the direction of the antenna back to its original position .  Madhu in the terrace turning the antenna to its original direction , Amma in the balcony to transmit the message from madhu . Appa actually checking in the TV and checking for clarity .

As a child I used to curse the wind . Now there is no such Antenna.. All of us are glued to the TVs without the 5 / 7 stripped antennas but a small dish in our terrace .. Luckily they dont change directions!!

Technology evolved .

Ant Anna or Ant thambi ?