Wednesday, September 26, 2007


This weekend was pretty hectic for most of us from the organization. Not because we had to fix bugs but some of us had volunteered for community service. Some of the activities were enjoying with Specially privileged children, old aged ppl , helping out thalasemia patients ,etc. I decided to volunteer to for a couple of activities.
Chord was one such event. This was the one for helping out bringing in scientific temper among the under priveleged children who had been child labors and who were being taken care a NGO called Chord. We meticulously planned the various activities beforehand so that nothing crashes on the day of event . Ppl were assigned various responsibilities, food committees, science committees , etc were formed to take various roles. Leads took care of the overall arrangements .
Why should I participate in this event , Is it because I didnt want fix bugs on a Sat , was I getting a free T-Shirt , was it that I wanted a change or was it a small step from me to do a small service to humanity in my own small way ..Thinking and contemplating I boarded the bus which took us to the school ( I am not sure if I could call it a school). It was a faraway from Hyd about 25 Kms . We played a lot of games with the children . Musical chairs, some cultural activites with the kids made both us and the children enjoy the event. "Breakfast guys"..called the lead and all of us broke our fast .
After the breakfast , the main event took place.
Science Exhibition.
Volunteers went around the exhibits prepared before hand by the students with the help of their teachers. The main idea for around was to help them understand the basic science concepts and their real life implications. Rain water harvesting , Capillary action , Water pressure expts, Salt water synthesis , Electrical circuits , Optics .All parts of the science was touched. We went around each of the exhibits to help them . This was the toughest part. They were not able to communicate with us..And our Telugu was terrible. In our toota foota telugu we managed to tell them whatever we knew and they understood things in their own way (Hope we havent taught anything wrong) .
After this the children demonstrated the same to their school mates and explained them. The children did their work with a great deal of enjoyment and involvement . As we were showing the exhibits , Lunch was being taken by other children keeping in mind of the small kitchen. Biriyani ..Curd Rice ..Kids thought it was festival time ..this was the most relishable time for the kids .
Post lunch was devoted to origami classes. With Papers it was amazing to see of some of our volunteering to teach making elephants, birds..mmmm. God I also tore a lot of papers !..Kids got them correct and I presume they would possess these pieces pf papers as really valuable pieces of their creativity .
Day was coming to a close when we decided to share way the prizes to winners of events whihc we conducted all thru the day like memory game, art competitions ,etc . The kids also performed their part in singing songs, dancing etc to entertain us . Good Show guys... "Tata , bye Bye ..please come again sir/Madams", said the kids as we parted way after a long anjd memorable day.
I boarded the bus with a heavy heart again thinking if I had got the answer ..I believe I got the answer .


Monday, September 24, 2007

Fnd the bug

main(){char O,o[66]="|\n\\/_  ",*I=o+7,l[]="B!FhhBHCWE9C?cJFKET$+h'Iq*chT"

I am the Original Kernighan

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Mathematician's delight

Its Sequence time again . Again this should be a simple one to crack .

2, 27 , 271 , 2718, 27182 ,....

If I give a hint , my teacher who taught me Maths would kill me.

Not a Napier

Friday, September 07, 2007


Fill up the matrix

_ T T F F

Hint: it's not 'E'

Sunday, September 02, 2007

G Selvi

GSLV is what I wanted to call it. Today Indian Rocket scientists have added another feather in their caps by successfully launching INSAT 4R using GSLV . Congratulations . ISRO can now call itself the cheapest and one of the most efficient Satellite launchers. Europeans and Americans , Are you listening, Now come on start launching satellites using our Selvis ...
Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle is as the name suggests a launch vehicle which is helpful in putting the payload INSAT into its orbit . These satellites are the real objects which are revolve around the earth and are helpful in communication , DTH etc. GSLV is a three stage vehicle meaning , the propellant (which pushes the rocket up ) is of three types. A solid propellant in the first, liquid in the second and the third stage consists of liquid hydrogen (LH2) and liquid oxygen. These all help in pushing the satellites to be in the orbit . Its actually a really complicated setup as is generally know is Rocket science .
As a child each one of us would have played with paper rockets . Havent we wanted to fly in to the space , moon ..These Indian Scientists of ISRO I am sure would make our dreams come true by the chandrayan mission . All the best guys .
I am looking forward for the Diwali , in which I would burst the Rockets ( crackers) and dream of becoming a rocket scientist if not in this Janma but atleast in next .