Monday, February 22, 2010

Caught napping

Yesterday evening , I had to go to the bank to check if my account has got transferred from Kalpax to Bangalore . yes you read it correct . I have an account still in Kalpakkam . After 10 years I decided to get this account transferred .
.Should I go to the bank just to transfer this amount . Anyways the account has stayed dormant for 10 years , Cant I let it stay as it is ...Several thoughts were running . The thought of bangalore traffic made me think to avoid it . I poushed myself over and decided to go for it .
Being an avid follower of rules, I hate breaking lines . Try to follow traffic rules as much as possible. Avoid bribing people for any reason . And of course try not to take bribes . Not that I am govt. servant for me to take bribes . Sometimes I feel I act like rules Ramanujam . As I got closer to the bank and was waiting for a signal to get green , I heard a lorry honking right behind . I was just cursing the lorry driver for severly honking at me . Hey idiot , its still red , you cant go over the signal . As the signal got green , I took a U Turn and moved away giving way to the
lorry . Ha I was feeeling relaxed for having such lorries get past me . As I had started accelerating my bike ......
From no where did a constable appear and waved her hand accross . I didnt do any thing wrong ..Did I . I have my papers , I didnt jump any signal . I wanted to make myself doubly sure , if she was asking me to stop brakes were on and I moved to the left to park my bike . I started to tell her that I didnt jump signals , I had my papers on ..etc. etc . For which she quietly said there a NO U turn signal and I didnt obey it . Oops. didnt I notice it at all ..

My pocket grew lighter by Rs.100 and I had my challan for taking a wrong U turn .

- the traffic breaker .