Monday, August 28, 2006

Hairy Controversy

A lot has been about hair and his meddling with the Pak's scores in the recentmost concluded match between Eng and Pak. This is the first match which was forfeited in the history of Cricket. mmmm...This is a new record in its own way though not for correct reasons.
The issue was simple , Hair saw the ball's paint had been scrubbed off and "thought" the Paks had cleaned the shean and penalised them 5 runs. Inzy intially carried on the game and I didnt understand what transpired in the dressing room, he didnt walk into the field until both umpires came and asked them to play.After some discussions Paks agreed to continue but the panel decided to stop the play.

letz do a post mortem from all angles

We dont think it was a mistake and the rule says that if the ball is made out of shape, the batting side gets an extra 5 runs. We are correct in incorporating the laws

Umpires decisions are final and binding !!

We dont cheat . 5 runs is not a problem but we have been disgraced . Hair is a racist and his attitude is wrong against the asians . We dont want to play.

Spectators :
Whoever is right or wrong my money is gone for the day ..

Media :
We got something to bite for a few more days. Hair is correct sometimes , Inzy is correct sometimes , both of them are wrong mostly .

ah something to blog about ...

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Everytime I open this page, I vouch that I would blog more frequently to improve my writing habits. It never happens.

This is my nth aptly named gajini. will see how long will it take for the next attack