Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Third time unlucky

One two three.. I could not get luckier this time . I am finally Ousted . Tell me what wrong did I do ?

I am the first Chief minister to have survived 2 No confidence motion in a span of 2 weeks. Just that it costed me that much more . What the hell , I was the one who brought BJP to power in a southern state for the first time .

If people ask me about what I have done for Karnataka , I rebutt back , why are you asking me this ? Why did you not ask the same with my predecessors ? I was busy going to temples and meeting astrologers .

When Opposition claimed that I had given money to keep their mouth shut , I had said I will take a 'Truth Test' in Dharmastala that I had not paid a pie . Unfortunately I could just go to the temple but could not take the test because "the question paper was out".

I have wonderful sons , hence gave away the govt land to them out off turn . Now tell me whats wrong in this ?

I swear that I am "less" corrupt than my previous govt . Now you cant blame me for the corruption that other people had done !

Illegal Mining ? What is that ? Where is Bellary ? I did not derive any benefits from Illegal Mining . Whatever I got from it , I gave it back to party . Didnt I ?
When the Lokayukta report was published , I was busy in a holiday in Mauritius enjoying a vacation . Tell me which is more important ?

Now with so many achievements under my belt , not sure why my part high command wants me to leave this post . Can anyone help me ?

Maddy urappa ??

Friday, July 29, 2011

Germination ...

Good news over good news.. I got a place to stay for myself ..a small one about 2 months ago . Me and my wife decided that we would have a small terrace garden .
To start with we have a few flowers in pots . How can we forget not having vegetables .
We have beans which have sprouted within a week of planting . Got Palak , Methi , etc .
Hope the sow gives us a great reap to atleast keep our enthu going on .
let me post as and when I get more experience on my gardening skills.

- The Mali