Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sundal Garam Sundal

Dusserra is a festival which is celebrated in all parts of India for various reasons. North of India , people celebrate on the victory of Ram over Ravan . In the East people enjoy the festival as Durga Pooja with "Sandesh". In the South people celebrate it as victory of Durga over Mahishasuran by having a Kolu ( dolls ) . Each of the regions have their own culture and reasons to celebrate .Navarathiri is most well known for Ladies going to one another's house on one of these 9 days . Ladies sing songs , interact with others . On the whole the whole environment is spiritual . The celebration of Kolu is by placing divine mud dolls on an odd number of steps . The fact that we place mud dolls symbolizes that after death we also become mud .
I being from south have my own reason.I celebrate kolu for a very special reason . Yes your guess is right . I enjoy the sundals . Being from a small colony called Kalpakkam , I used to go to most of my friends houses and eat sundals from each of the houses . Being a good critic of food , I gained popularity for giving genuine comments on sundals .It became well known in a circle of our friends that my certificate was valid for all the 9 days. On the day I certify a sundal to be good , it was like Vasishtar Vayal Brahma rishi for the sundal Mami . Like today's Microsoft certification for MCSE or Sun ceritification for Java, those days were popular for Madhu certified sundals .
My amma's speciality was Puttu . This is made of Arisi Mavu( Rice flour) and generally made on a Friday . My God! , I still remember our house used to be full of people on Fridays. People from 21 street( farthest from my house) used to come to 5 th avenue to taste my Amma's Puttu .
The days are gone , now a days we havent been celebrating kolu for this reason . Its been more than 2 years since I have eaten sundal . I miss my Sundal . Hoping against the hope to start celebrating kolu again atleast for my sundal wishes .


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Savings A/c or Short Term Debt funds

The Indian equity markets are at dizzy heights and it seems they have taken steroids . They are running up as if they want to catch up with Ben Johnson . Ofcourse this comes with a lot of risk .
Thanks to these heights I have seen a lot of mutual Fund AMCs launching arbit schemes under various names . Though I feel most of them dont have any value addition. I have seen a lot of ppl running behind just because the new funds have no Entry Loads . Should only Equity market be our investing strategy . Why is Debt Funds not being discussed at all ?
Actually Debt Funds should also be given its due . Actually I tell you short term debt funds are more tax efficient that your saving account interests . All this assuming you are in the highest tax bracket and you file your tax returns as a nice and honest citizen . Let me explain how .

We all know SB a/c in any bank gives us a return of 3.5 percent . For an amount of say 10000 the ROI = 350 ( I hope my Maths is correct ) after a Year .
That means all 350 Rupees is taxed at your highest tax level . 350 * 30/100 = 12.25 .(Actually these numbers are small ) but the numbers proptiantely increase if the principal is more .

Lets take the same amount in a reasonable shot term debt fund . Ideally if you are in the highest tax bracket , You should be going for a divident option . this is because the dividend payout is made after the tax . So the dividend that you receive is not taxable . typically the NAV falls after a dividend payout . So you can just keep pocketing the dividend . This would be intune of about 4-4.5 5 (average performing fnuds ).It could go up higher . Another thing about short term funds are its far less riskier that Equity funds ....Of course MFs always comes witha statuatory warning . For short term funds there are no entry/exit loads too :)

You might want to visit this for more details .

Next time chose you better not park your money in SB instead think of investing short term money in Short term funds with dividend options .

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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Prize Winner

Everyone wants to be the prize winner . This is what happened in a party that I had attended recently . There were 3 prizes A, B and C . Prize A was the costliest . Prize B was a normal prize .Prize C was a googly prize . One of the prizes was promised for everyone . But there was a condition.

The participant had to make a statement . If the statement was true , he would get A or B randomly. If his statement was false , he would get prize C . Obviously as a participant I eyed the prize A. I went ahead and asked them a question which made the organisers to give me Prize A.

What do you think would have been my question ?

- Questioning the Questions .