Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Milk Forest Tamil

What the heck is Milk Forest Tamil ? This was how I was teased by my friend . Transliterating Milk= Pal , Forest = kadu .
I had been to Kerala to attend my ex Roomie's wedding . I was put up in another of my friends house. Now this guy talks a different Tamil . I shdnt call this tamil , infact I should be saying this is Talyalam...no infact it should be malayil ..Whatever we name it , i had one of the tufest time in their house. The last time I have heard abt Palakad Tamil was in MMKR . Now i dont think I shd be expanding this. But these ppl beat the movie hard.
To be frank , my Malayalam is reasonable and my tamil is infact decent( I have started reading Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki)...But these guys were driving me crazy . They were talking in a fashion which neither my Malyalam Parser nor my Tamil Parser could decode. My parser was throwing uncatchable exceptions. Adhu daan ba I wasnt able to understand a bit of their language.Continous context switching and I had to give up .
I had no clue if these ppl were talking malayalam or Tamil ...Finally , Some of the things I have accumulated are
I had always thought Kali was a food item given in Jails , but it referred to games...
Saram was some thing in the house ..but it means a dont care state.
and Raavila meant in nights but this was a turnaround, it actually means in the morning.

I finally took the train thinking why we shdnt have a separate state for these ppl if Indian states are based on languages. Oops...I am adding to more confusion.

-kozhandai ( means kutti papa in tamil but is more referred to guys in Palakkad)

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Restart ....

Lemme try restarting my blogging. I was tied up with some work ( summa solradhu daan) .. coz of which my writing came to a temp stand still.
I will try to be as regular as possible from now .

This reminds me of the famous cigarette joke.

" One of my friends said he has stopped smoking several times " and restarted smoking many more times .

Discipline is more important . Pongal should mark a discpline in me to write and throw my views

- ctlr+alt+del