Sunday, November 30, 2008

yet again..

I have got tired of writing abt terror . Past 3 days have really been tramautic for me as it has been for anyone in India .seeing the stupid idiots firing at innocent people ..These terrorists are just cowards . they do not know what they want . i have no words to abuse them .
certainly the NSG, police , Army , the hotel staff have to be appreciated . No words of praise can be sufficient .
aftermath , i saw ppl shouting and finger pointing at politicians , intelligence failure ..all of them said they want a better system in place. My point is out of the 20-25 ppl who wud have got interviewed , I am assuming 10 wudnt have voted.. 10 wud have tried to evade taxes .Now each of us are corrupt and ahve a systemic failure ..but expect the system to be perfect .the only way to correct the system is by correcting oneselve.Each one of us shd do our duties sincerely and then if we demand something is going wrong ..then nothing like it..But here each one of us are corrupt to the core including me ..But we want the system to be perfect..
My heart cries ...

- the warrior

Monday, September 15, 2008


I feel its just yesterday I came to Hyd . I looked at my calendar and realised that its more than 5 years that I have stayed here. The Gullys in Ameerpet and Begumpet know me very well.
I have had my share of ups and downs in my stay at Hyderabad. Beautiful events , very sad events have happened in this place.
Now its time for me to move on. Again all that I am going to do is fix / create more bugs as i have always been doing.As I always say as a computer applications programmer , there are only 4 things you can do ...SELECT , UPDATE , INSERT or DELETE ...But in a new place , new ways of doing old challenges new expectations .. lets see whats in store ..

Bye Bye Hyderabad .. I am coming Bangalore ..

--Last Post from the Nawabistan

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shoot Me if you can

Photo Courtesy : Olympics Site
Abhinav Bindra has won India's first individual gold medal in Olympics .Event: 10m Air Rifle .
I am just at loss of words in Congratulating the champion ... I was enthralled to listen to the Indian National Anthem during the award winning ceremony .I salute the great indian shooter .
You are ABHINAV "WIN" DRA.. Its a great day forIndian sports .


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Theory of relativity

After a gap of abt 3 years I picked up a book on Relativity . Yeah it was a real technical book and Thank god I didn't really struggle hard to understand .It took me some time to get on to the groove and then what I was driving the book pretty fast . Its altogether another matter that I had to refer back to google time and again to get my physics back in place .

Why is the theory of relativity so much acclaimed in physics world ? mmmmm.. The main reason is it redefined Newton's laws which were considered to be the bible of classical mechanics .What was it ? Heard of the great twin paradox .. Think on those lines .. Though Sir Einstein is treated as the guy for relativity , I would certainly contribute some of the relativistic principle's to Poincare and Lorentz.
Even though theory of relativity is a path breaking discovery , Einstein didn't get a Nobel for this discovery but got the Nobel for his work on Photo electricity .. Did you know why? Post your comments if you know the exact reason . ( I guess I know ) .

Hindu philosophy treatises relativistic principles in its own way . Did you know that one human year is treated a day for "Deva" .One Year of Deva is treated as One day for Brhma on all those ..Dont you see the time dilation or space time curvature in the umpteen stories that we have heard off during our child hood days ..

Talking abt relativity , I always felt Physics and Philosophy of life go hand in hand . Both of them try to think on the most obvious things around. Most famous people in this world are either physicts or philosophers . The reason is simple . Common people don't understand either of them :)....And I know that most people who read my blog wouldn't have understood me either ..
So Am I a physict or a philosopher or both ?

Relatively yours ,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Timely Puzzle

I know its a decade I have asked a puzzle or infact posted something at all ..

Again its a sequence Puzzle which I got to know recently ( infact last saturday ). i am posting it coz I was able to crack it ...otherwise would I have ?

Ok ..The sequence is

1,6,11,4,9 ,......

Can you find the sequence ?

--The titan

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Philosophical Masala Dosai

Before reading this post , I would request u to read my other post on dosais. I relinquish my dosais fully . Especially masala dosais(MD) . The other day when I was munching my MD , I realised that eating MD was an art by itself !! yes ..i then started analysing how people ate their MD..To my excitement it did have a significant way in their way of life too ...
Let me put down my analysis ..
1)People who finish the dosai part and have the masala saved till the last moment. These people save a lot of money and use the money later.
2) People who are of the other kind . The ones who finish the masala first and slowly gobble the dosai part ..These are the people who dont care abt savings ..Spend and enjoy is their motto.
3)People who start from the middle and proceed to both ends..These are the people who like to get right to what they think is their best part of life.
4)People who eat the dosa making sure that the masala lasts forthe whole dosa.. These people are very rare. They plan their life systematically ..
mmm...these are my strange analysis ..Next time you eat dosai , i am pretty much sure
you would think abt this art of masala dosai and eat it carefully and not push it in your digestive tract..

Be careful ,eating Masala dosais reveals your character ..

-MD in Dosai Philosophy

Saturday, January 12, 2008

History Repeats

Nov 1 , we moved from 6 type in 4 th Avenue to 4 type in 5 th Avenue . New Apartment , new neighbors , new flat mates . New house excited me as it does to everyone . I was in Std 7 . It was a brand new flat in one end of the colony . Shifting the house was the best thing I liked then, as I would get an opportunity to travel in a Lorry . Though the lorry journey didn't last long , I enjoyed it thoroughly . Shifting was over over the weekend . Monday morning I was ready for the school . I used to board the bus in Second stop in the 3 street . My Bus stop didnt change as both the houses were in the vicinity of the same bus stop . As I was getting ready , mami from the second floor wanted to know the where abouts of the bus stop and where she would have to put her small daughter who was in 1st class then .
From that day , I used to accompany her to the bus stop . Monday mornings were the toughest . The small girl would cry and we used to cajole her to go to school . Invariably she used to be late and we used to run to the bus stop . My God , I was literally scared when I got a responsibility of accompanying another girl the next year . But being a good boy , I used to take care of both of them. 7 , 8 and 9 th class ... I think I did my job dutifully . 10 th class , I got my bicycle and thank God I started going to School by cycle and not by Bus . By then both these girls knew the route to the bus stop and I didn't have to accompany them to school . At least I didn't have to run every day to the bus stop :( .
20 years have gone by... The same family who stayed above us are moving to Hyderabad . They have rented a house in our apartment . But this time therez a small change , we are in the second floor and they are in the first floor. These people are new to Hyderabad .. The girl is working in a big time company . shez planning to commute to office by MMTS train . Should I accompany her to the office ? Will I be late to my office ? Does she still cry on Mondays to work ? Should we all coax her on Mondays to go to office ?
I was just a bit shaken, thinking about the famous adage "History Repeats " . It has almost repeated for me ...