Sunday, November 30, 2008

yet again..

I have got tired of writing abt terror . Past 3 days have really been tramautic for me as it has been for anyone in India .seeing the stupid idiots firing at innocent people ..These terrorists are just cowards . they do not know what they want . i have no words to abuse them .
certainly the NSG, police , Army , the hotel staff have to be appreciated . No words of praise can be sufficient .
aftermath , i saw ppl shouting and finger pointing at politicians , intelligence failure ..all of them said they want a better system in place. My point is out of the 20-25 ppl who wud have got interviewed , I am assuming 10 wudnt have voted.. 10 wud have tried to evade taxes .Now each of us are corrupt and ahve a systemic failure ..but expect the system to be perfect .the only way to correct the system is by correcting oneselve.Each one of us shd do our duties sincerely and then if we demand something is going wrong ..then nothing like it..But here each one of us are corrupt to the core including me ..But we want the system to be perfect..
My heart cries ...

- the warrior


kumar said...

Your root-cause-analysis lead directly to the main point.

Rajagopalan said...

guess i wrote sumthinsimilar in my blog.. did u copy ?

Madhusoodhanan said...

nope might want to read this too