Saturday, December 28, 2013

RTI Success Stories - First

The plan here is to Share my success / failure stories with RTI 2005 . FYI , I am not a RTI activist. I do Not belong to any party .  The timing of this has nothing to do with AAP . I have minimal knowledge on RTI . I do have basic ideas about RTI and of course I will share my experiences here .

What is RTI : I am not going to lecture on this . There are umteen sites telling us what is RTI . How you can file them , etc.  Some of the links I like

Story 1 :  Did my EPF get transferred ?

I had to make a couple of Job changes  in 2008 . When I Joined the new organization , I did not want to close out my PF account as my other friends had suggested . I chose to transfer and wait for the transfers to happen . Although I submitted my transfer application as soon as I joined the new Organization in May 2009 , my new Org took its own time to consolidate and Send it to EPFO office . I believe they did it in Sept 2009 . I forgot abt my PF transfer and I was engrossed at my new work . Time flew ..2010..2011 , .. I did not even know my PF had gone into a black hole . Where to go..Whom to approach . At the max , I would follow up with my PF dept and ask them if my PF has got transferred for which they would have the same ans as I did . I was just hoping for the best .
   Thanks to one of my colleagues , he suggested to file a RTI to get the status . I spoke with him in length . I was never convinced that it would work . what next .. I was researching a lot of sites to know about RTI , etc.  I had drafted the letter several times . My laziness always overtook me and I never posted any of the letters to the PIO , EPF dept . For some reason , in late 2012 , I thought let me fire a print out and speed post the letter . Done . Keeping my fingers crossed to get the reply . 
 Oof .. Sharp 20 days , I did get a reply from the PIO , EPFO Bangalore saying my EPF from  both the organizations have been transferred . Infact it was transferred by 2011 . I had no idea abt the transfer otherwise . But my mission was met to get to know that EPF had got successfully transferred .
Although I was not completely convinced that RTI enabled my transfer , I was atleast happy that my PF was transferred .  Thanks RTI .
Rating :  7 on 10 . 
Why not 10 on 10 ?  First RTI , being cautious abt the success . It did help me in achieve my goal . But I didnt still know how to use this effectively to get my job done . 

Good Job Mate .

"That's one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind".. That One small step has more success stories to follow . Keep coming back . 

Right or wrong to information ?