Sunday, April 01, 2007

Maitreem Bhajata

This song is also one of the pieces very close to my heart . The essence of the song revolves around Universal Peace . . MS has the distinction has first Indian Artist to perform in the UN. This song was composed by Sri HH Chandrasekara Saraswati Swamigal for this special occasion. The song is known for its poetic and literary excellence as well . We see the use of "Da" deftly by the poet from the Brhad Aranyaka Upanishad. ( Mail me to know the exact story )
Like my previous song list , Let me try to put its meaning along with the words ,etc.

The Song is rendered in Ragamalika . Meaning Pallavi is song in a particular raaga , anupallavi in another while the charanams in others.
Now to the Song :
maitrIm bhajata, akhila hrit jaitrIm |
Atmavad Eva parAnn api pashyata |
yudhham tyajata, smardhAm tyajata |
tyajata parEShu akrama-AkramaNam ||

jananI prithivI kAma-dukhArtE |
janako dEvah sakala dayALuh |
'dAmyata, datta, dayadhvam' janatA |
shrEyO bhUyAt sakala janAnAnAm ||

Its Meaning :
Maithreem - Friendship , Bhajata - Pray ,
Akhila - Whole world , Hrit - heart Jaitreem - Conquer
Atmavath = Self , Paraath- Others - Api - Also , Pashyatha - See
Yudham - War , Tyjata - Leave,refrain
Smardan - Competition
Pareshu - others , Akramam - Agresssion

Janani , Prithvi - Mother Earth , Kama - Desires , Dukarte -Satisdfy
Janako Devaha - King Janaka ( Father ), Sakala - Among all , Dayalu - compassionate
Damyata - Self Control , Datta - Give , Dayadvam - Kind
Shreyo - Happy , well being , Bhooya - be , Sakala - All , Jananam - Beings .

The coherent meaning is

``Cultivate friendship which will conquer all hearts.

Look upon others as thyself.

Renounce war; forswear competition.

Give up aggression on others which is wrong.

Wide Mother Earth, our Mother is here ready to give us all our desires.

We have the Lord, our Father, compassionate to all.

Ye peoples of the World!

Restrain yourselves, Give, Be kind.

May all people be happy and prosperous".


- one who believes in Maitreem Bhajata .. probably the modern day terrorists need this song .

NB: I was just thinking shd a particular raaga be sung for a particular mood. Isnt this is general conception.Mukhari is supposed to be a sad raaga . But to my surprise , " Anandam Anandam ..." is in Mukhari