Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ttttt ?

New office people , new characters . I am a slow mover amongst people . It takes time for me to get used to people. Its amazing how human mind makes impressions about people by just their looks . Infact I too made first hand impressions about a lot of people mostly wrong impressions .
I was getting close to Sundar who was my manager . Sundar was very talkative.Infact more talkative than me . People used to be scared of him both for his knowledge and his voice . I had no problems getting along with him .
As time passed one day he invited me to his house for a cup of coffee . You all would by now know that I am one of the greatest lovers of coffee not that I am addicted to it . Yaaru Coffee nnu sonalum I go with them without a second thought .click here.We got in the car and as we were travelling to his house .there was a quick argument on who was the best coffee taster . He said that he is an extensive coffee drinker . As the argument heated up, he brought about his visits to cafe coffee day in his locality . He also mentioned that star bucks in US offered him a spl rebate on account of his loyalty. He brooded that he could identify and distinguish variety of coffees by just a sip . Infact , he proclaimed his wife made coffee which was the best in the world . This was on expected guidelines . Now all that I could offer as an argument was I just drink one cup of coffee everyday but that it was a south indian filter coffee. He was laughing hither thither as we parked the car in his house .
I greeted Mrs. Sundar and their kutties Aswin Sundar and Megha Sundar . The beverage topic started again and the kids said that Boost is the secret of their energy and they wanted to be Sachins and Dhonies ..
Meanwhile , mrs Sundar gave both of us cups .As we were sipping sundar was enjoying , but my facial expression changed . This certainly wasnt tasting a bit like my regular coffee . Several thoughts were running in my mind , was this is a special Coorgean coffee, Ingy Coffee , Sukhu Coffee ? Infact this was tasting terrible . But how could I say this to my manager . I gulped this like a kashayam. Sundar was sipping his cup and called his wife to boast abt his coffee drinking and coffee identifying prowess . To impress him I asked her the recipe of this special coffee for which she silently replied that this was not coffee but Tea and that she didnt know to make coffee all through her life . What ?
I gave a wry smile to Sundar as we walked to the car .

Coffee Champion .


Srujan said...

Is this fictional? Was that the first time you had tea?


oh man! what a sip of cofftea you were you so tensed that you could not identify it as tea?!adutha coftea eppo sundar aathulayaa or cafe coffee day layaa? I think you should stick to ur loyal filter coffee and avoid nasty surprising experiments with coffeee tasting?! hain?!!!

Madhusoodhanan said...

poor me , infact it didnt taste like tea too :( ..hence unable to recognise it

Rajagopalan said...

dei unakku kozhuppu jaasti

Rohit Nair said...


Anjali said...

Is this true? How a person cannot indentify wat he is having is coffee or tea ?
Moreover if hubby likes that much coffee and drinks n num of times, how come wife does not know to prepare a cup of coffee….
If its true… I missed to see your manager’s facial expression when he came to know wat he was drinking is TEA 