Thursday, February 12, 2009

Naatyam ...

Last friday one of my kalpakkam friends had invited me for a dance performance. His wife who is an eminent Bharatnatyam exponent was performing in Yavanika state youth center , Nrupatunga Road , bangalore at 6:30 PM . For whatever reasons,my inclination towards music is much
more than towards dance .I wanted to break this barrier and grabbed this
oppurtunity .
On dot 6:30 , the program started with an invocation to the dance Lord Shiva ,
in Revathy . The first thing I realised was the phenomenal stamina one needs to
have while dancing. A humble suggestion audience , pl do not pick up your mobiles while an artiste is performing . Would also appreciate if you can remain silent all through the performance .
mmm.. dance soodu pudika arambitchidhu . Right after the invocation the central piece the Varnam began . Unlike in a music concert where varnam is the starter in dance it is the core . Its like the RTP where the exponent can show all his/her talent . Madhu why do u have to compare Apples and Oranges ?
The Varnam was set to RitiGowlai ( for new comers listen to Azhagana Rakshashi, kangal Irundal ) .Sri Krishna vasudeva depicted lord Krishna leela . How beautifully the lady depcited Putana vada and shakatasura vada ( please read it as destruction not as an eatable vada :) ) . Lord Krishna becoming the
parthasarathy...Now I came to understand the dance is no less than music .
Certainly there is a visual appeal . Thanks to the lady performing .
Having done with the varnam , the track moved on to the Padam in Chinna jiru
kilyeah set to Ragamalika by Subby ( Thillu mullu style ) . The bhava of
mother child relation was just amazing. Good Job done again .click here
The lady singing to synchronise with the performer needs a noteworthy mention here . In all the renditions she brought abt the emotions to help the lady performing . Just a small suggestion madam , 'N', 'n' ,Gna in songs need to be relooked upon . Yeah I understand that diff lang have diff pronounciations ,but meanings differ if a wrong syllable is used .
If chinna chiru kilyeah was superb , The devar nama by Purandara Dasa
was a step further . This piece was the best rather I liked it the most .
Reason , because there was a posture of Lord Nrsimha my fav which the artist
brought about realistically .
I was just thinking , probably the theme today is only Lord Vishnu . Just as my
thought went through she started a performance in a Javali which depicted
a beautiful husband wife relation . Isnt this Raghava Prema ?
Dance without a thillana is a lunch without a desserrt . The dessert was
was in AmritaVarshini . Ok guys lets go home after such a wonderful evening.
On the whole it was a brilliant performance by the lady .Certainly appreciations to the singer , the natuvangini , the flautist and the mrindangist as well .
Great job done . My appreciation is minimal here as my knowledge in dance is
zero . I would have certainly appreciated the perf if I had known better .
Certainly the seed is sown , and I would get back with some more understanding
of the art .
Venaktesh , this academy has perfomances on every weekend on diff art forms.
Next week polama ?

Thandava Koney

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hi madhu your blog wears a new, attractive look! I understand your first tryst with bharatham was flamboyant. you have brought ur feel of the recital in ur own inimitable style! enjoy more performances... I too enjoyed watching one recently and it was a treat to watch the excellent portrayal of our culture through this immortal art!